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Corporate profile

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  Corporate profile

Date of start of business 1978 July
Date of establishment 1978 July
President Yasuo Kunimitsu
Capital JPY 20,000,000.-
Business category composed mainly of intermediary service
(available language : Japanese, English and Spanish)
Staff member six persons in Japan
Overseas office
KM Trading S.A. in Argentine
Soc. Kampo Marino S.A. in Chile
Kampo Marino Peru S.A. in Peru
Handling item
Argentine Merluza, Illex, Red snapper, Shrimp and others.
Chile Salmon (Coho/Trout/Atlantic),Sea Urchin roe, Giant Squid and etc.
Peru Giant squid, Flyingfish roe, Butterfish and etc.
Myanmar Neem Products, Hard Clam, Used Car, Cosmetic
Business item
1. Purchasing agent 2. Inspection agent
3. Marketing  4. Sales promotion
Main Clients -Marubeni Corporation
-Toyota Tsusho Foods Corp.
-Nichirei Corporation
-Tokyo Seafoods Ltd.
-Uoichi Co.,Ltd.
-Maruha Nichiro Corporation.
-Okaya & Co., Ltd.
-Kohyo Co., Ltd.
-Grory Oceania Refrigerated Food Processing Co., Ltd
-and others
Main banks Mizuho Bank, Ichigaya Branch
Dai- Ichi Kangyo Credit Cooperative


Main office
Sato Bldg. 4F, 3-4-12, Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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