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Purchasing agent
In accordance with your request, we provide timely information on the goods for you, develop and select a leading supplier and conclude contract with it. We conduct regular production management and inspection so that the goods to be shipped under good condition. We receive the commission in exchange for series of the above services.
Inspection agent Regarding the goods you requested to us, we act for you as inspector based on the know-how and many years experience in this line.
We appreciate your asking in advance, as inspection fee depends on the details of inspection including the goods, quantity, area and etc.,
The areas we are able to cover are Argentine, Uruguay, South region of Brazil, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.
Marketing We supply information on sea products of South American countries for you.
In fact, it is almost the case that the above services-related supply of information.
However, as we conduct fee-based information service depending on details, we recommend preliminary consultation.
Sales promotion

We do a sales promotion for you to the business enterprises in South American countries




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